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Porlier Pass is a 650 Metre wide channel between Valdes and Galiano Islands which experiences 8-9 knot tidal streams. This is a great place to go fishing!

Virago Rock and the Wreck of the Point Grey:    

Located in the center of Porlier Pass, Virago Rock is the final resting-place of the 1911 steel steam tug, the 'Point Grey'. 

The tug ran aground in 1949 and remained perched on the rock until the early 1960's when it rolled over and sank.  The 32-metre wreck is upside down in 10-15 metres of water and can only be dived at slack water. A gaping hole midship allows full penetration.  The hull is covered with small Plumose Anemones and Encrusting Sponges; Bull Kelp streams from her like flags.  Inside, dive lights reveal a soft blanket of white Plumose Anemones clinging to the beams.  She is heavily colonized by a wide variety of marine life.

Wreck of the Del Norte:     

At the NE entrance to Porlier Pass, next to Canoe Islet, lies the 60-metre steam side-wheel schooner, the 'Del Norte', which ran onto the reef and sank in 12-25 metres of water in 1868.  In 1972, the 'Del Norte' was declared a protected Heritage Site by the BC Government.  Her wooden hull has long since disappeared but her boilers, paddlewheels and engines form a spectacular geometric subject for photographers.  She is covered with Basket Stars, Plumose Anemones and Lingcod and is best dived at slack water.

Alcala Point:    

Alcala Point is a slack water dive, which is the site of the Gulf Island's friendliest Wolf Eels.

Alcala Wall:    

Alcala Wall boasts a pastel of Soft Corals, Sea Pens, Orange-Peel, Nudibranchs, Basket Stars and acres of white Plumose Anemones which make this a very "bright" dive site and a perfect backdrop for photographers.  Encounters with California and Stellar Sea Lions are common.



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